Why Hereford?

The reasons why breeders with years of experience choose Hereford and Poll Hereford cattle are many and varied but some of the key factors are listed below.

  • Fertility - more important than either growth or carcass traits when it comes to the economics of breeding. Herefords exhibit excellent fertility traits.
  • Size and growth - especially in the early growth stages contribute to operating a low-cost feed program to obtain ideally sized cows.
  • Weight gain - due to the breed's proven ability to gain rapidly on less feed means optimum weight is achieved quickly.
  • Quality and consistency of carcass ensure that markets for Hereford's remain consumer driven.
  • Dispositon - A gentle nature ensures the breed is easy to handle and manage meaning they will feed well in a range of environments.
  • Muscle development - tests have shown that the Hereford breed produces moderate to optimum muscle meaning that condition is maintained more easily.
  • Market performance - consistent high market performance gives an economic advantage to breeders that can be boosted by the white face brand.
  • Breed development - being such an economic breed to produce ensures ongoing breed development to stay with market trends over the long term.
  • Consistency of calving year after year with fast growth to market weight makes Hereford's a dependable breed.
  • Economics - for all the reasons above Herefords continue to be a leading breed for economic stability.